Mandala Memory HD is an elegant update on the classic matching game. The images of hand-cut paper mandalas are a series of subtle unfoldings, variations on the circle and the square. A focusing of attention will reveal the fine distinctions between the patterns. One can play for points, meditation, or mind training.

• 108 mandalas hand-cut from mulberry paper by Zoe Keramea
• Multiple grids: 4x5, 5x6, 6x8, and 8x10
• Two bonus rounds of floral and faceted mandalas
• Different card groups to challenge your memory
• Color or black & white mode
• Distinctive sound tones for each pair (optional)
• Timer mode for points and mind training
• Hidden bonus round of floral mandalas

    Best Family Game award  
  • "The game is beguiling and challenging."
  • "Exceptionally fast reaction time to choices."
  • "The intricate mandalas were gorgeous. More than once, I found myself captivated in appreciation for their pristine detail, then saying DOH!, realizing that I was unnecessarily eating away time. Yet they were each distinctive enough to be both beautiful and challengingly identifiable amongst their brethren."
  • "Nice game for short moments."
  • "Delightful gameplay, can border on addictive..."
  • "I love the elemental part--the fact that it begins with cut paper. That's part of its beautiful and playful simplicity. It's a perfect little gift. But here's the bonus: kids like it too (and you can be thankful they're not playing shooter games on your iphone!)"
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