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Renella, that’s a great question!

Episode 1 – Mayaaka

The tropical city of Mayaaka, Feremya. A 20-hour flight home to Valdemour, Emperica. Renella, a 17-year-old. SCAARS, a disease. Audio messages for Mamay. Mwanamyé. Medina.

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Episode 2 – DiGIANT

A research group called DiGIANT. Menial recruitment labor. Experimental helmets called IRUS-STIM. Post-SCAARS rashes. Scales. Valdemour Casino. It’s been too long, right?

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Episode 3 – Nsiitu

Nsiitu schoolgirls. Recruitment flyer scorn. DiGIANT’s hardware guy. A multiplexer called Megastar. A hot head. It can make you more hypnotisable.

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Episode 4 – Megastar

Data collection begins. Helmets need repair. You can maybe reconstruct the helmets at home. Neon gold eyes. Lustrous silver hair. Swim out deeper. So slimy.

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Episode 5 – Marsiyay

Provoked power incontinence. Hornbuzzards scavenged. The fluffy, fist-sized marsiyay. Pebbles. Rocks. Sparking shards and feathers floated. The most lightning storms. SportsAid.

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Episode 6 – Tuka

A hotel called Tuka. Fancy people. Did you know that monkeys love stealing food? The darker the treat, the sweeter the indulgence. A dizzying world of fun awaits you.

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Episode 7 – Mfaaka

While you hold, consider our latest gift. Treat them like family, alright? The room smelled bad. She’s just getting buzzed. Get a mani-pedi. A shining mfaaka savior.

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Episode 8 – Chicken

Silver jewelry bounced. A small envelope. Open it later. Like Mr. Johnson. Do you eat chicken? I would never vomit again. A menstruating monkey.

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Episode 9 – Kalimba

A settlement is an informal agreement. A shelter called Mother Earth. Where did you get this misinformation? You’re such good recruiters, I forgot myself. That girl in the center. It’s so soft. A finger piano.

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Episode 10 – Demo Day

Wireframe head with lightning behind it

Hanging there in plain sight. If you get us our settlement, we won’t need mfaakas. The smallest girl looked no older than twelve. You told her, didn’t you? Image stimulation feedback loops known as imprinting. I knew you would be perfect to demo. Tapping her upper arm. A thousand hair thin needles. I was being tickled. It washed through the network. Is this a seizure? What did you do?

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