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Renella, that’s a great question!

Episode 1 – Mayaaka

The tropical city of Mayaaka, Feremya. A 20-hour flight home to Valdemour, Emperica. Renella, a 17-year-old. SCAARS, a disease. Audio messages for Mamay. Mwanamyรฉ. Medina.

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Episode 2 – DiGIANT

A research group called DiGIANT. Menial recruitment labor. Experimental helmets called IRUS-STIM. Post-SCAARS rashes. Scales. Valdemour Casino. It’s been too long, right?

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Episode 3 – Nsiitu

Nsiitu schoolgirls. Recruitment flyer scorn. DiGIANT’s hardware guy. A multiplexer called Megastar. A hot head. It can make you more hypnotisable.

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Episode 4 – Megastar

Data collection begins. Helmets need repair. You can maybe reconstruct the helmets at home. Neon gold eyes. Lustrous silver hair. Swim out deeper. So slimy.

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Episode 5 – Marsiyay

Provoked power incontinence. Hornbuzzards scavenged. The fluffy, fist-sized marsiyay. Pebbles. Rocks. Sparking shards and feathers floated. The most lightning storms. SportsAid.

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Episode 6 – Tuka

A hotel called Tuka. Fancy people. Did you know that monkeys love stealing food? The darker the treat, the sweeter the indulgence. A dizzying world of fun awaits you.

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Episode 7 – Mfaaka

While you hold, consider our latest gift. Treat them like family, alright? The room smelled bad. She’s just getting buzzed. Get a mani-pedi. A shining mfaaka savior.

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Episode 8 – Chicken

Silver jewelry bounced. A small envelope. Open it later. Like Mr. Johnson. Do you eat chicken? I would never vomit again. A menstruating monkey.

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Episode 9 – Kalimba

A settlement is an informal agreement. A shelter called Mother Earth. Where did you get this misinformation? Youโ€™re such good recruiters, I forgot myself. That girl in the center. Itโ€™s so soft. A finger piano.

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Episode 10 – Demo Day

Wireframe head with lightning behind it

Hanging there in plain sight. If you get us our settlement, we wonโ€™t need mfaakas. The smallest girl looked no older than twelve. You told her, didnโ€™t you? Image stimulation feedback loops known as imprinting. I knew you would be perfect to demo. Tapping her upper arm. A thousand hair thin needles. I was being tickled. It washed through the network. Is this a seizure? What did you do?

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Playlist – Episodes 1-7

Rough cuts โœ‚๏ธ

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