Cast (in alphabetical order):
Tania van Bergen, David Briggs, Tyrone Bryant, Carola CintrΓ³n-Moscoso, Josue Diaz, Amon Ducao, Ar Ducao, Jordi Frank, Crista Grauer, David Hill, Ilias Koen, Brian Li, Joshua Ogure, Mercy Oladipo, Susan Osiche, Francheska Njanja, Rewant Prakash, Chris Willard, Alexander Wright III, & Edlyn Yuen

Story, Audio, & 3D Production:
Ar Ducao

Story Supervisor & Community Manager:
Susan Achieng Osiche

Visual Media Developer:
Brian Li

Audio & Script Editor:
Paula Hung-Palmer

Automation Pipeline Manager:
Joseph Beer

Additional Production:
Ilias Koen & The DuKode Studio

Script Consultant:
Francheska Njanja

Myeong Hong Hurwitz, Mercy Oladipo, & Crista Grauer

Beta Listeners:
Emma Dewald & Gina Rodriguez

Many thanks to:
Allison Behringer and the Rough Cut Collective

The Great Tit is a Bird, a production of The DuKode Studio, is produced with support from the NYSCA Media Arts Assistance Fund (New York State Council on the Arts / Wave Farm), NYU Office of Global Inclusion, the NYU Office of Sustainability, & NYU A|P|A Institute.

This show and website are in beta mode. Feedback, questions, and comments are much appreciated:

more animation coming soon