Story Supervisor, The Great Tit is a Bird

Susan Osiche

Susan Achieng Osiche (she / her pronouns) is the story supervisor and community manager for The Great Tit is a Bird, for which she focuses on cultural sensitivity and relevance. She is also Founder/CEO of Inua Kike (“Women Rising” in Kiswahili), a grassroots organization that develops education, entrepreneurship and leadership programs to promote inclusive girls’ and women’s empowerment in the urban slum communities and rural areas of Kenya. 

Inua Kike is based on Susan’s own experience growing up in a Nairobi slum. She was forced to drop out of school due to social and economic challenges, got married at an early age, faced uncertainties that came with gender-based violence in her marriage, divorced and struggled in providing for herself and the young child she had then. After a couple of years, she was able to rejoin classes that led to her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). She later furthered her education in Project Management (a certificate and a diploma), and is now currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development. Guided by her own life struggles, she strives to empower and tell the stories of young women who are in the same predicament as she was. She brings this passion and experience to her work on The Great Tit is a Bird.

Inua Kike🦜