The Multimer Kit

An easy, end-to-end hardware and software solution that our customers order when they have spatial, human-centered research that needs answers.

A Multimer Kit Includes: 

– Biosensors, including heart rate monitors, fitbits, and our proprietary MindRider sensor.
– Multimer Mobile App to facilitate biosensor data collection.
– Multimer Analysis Platform to analyze the spatial biosensor data and apply our insight-producing algorithms.

The MindRider Sensor

The MindRider Sensor is a custom brainwave sensor designed to maximize comfort and ergonomics over long periods of time. MindRider, built with the NeuroSky TGAM, is just one of several biosensors that integrate with Multimer’s Mobile app.

Multimer Mobile app

The Multimer mobile app is easy to use, and simplifies the data collection process. It is used to begin and end a data collection session, keep track of the amount of data collected, and even has real-time feedback for certain sentiments.

Multimer Analysis Engine

Multimer’s analysis platform is where it all comes together. Here you are able to monitor real-time sentiment data as it is generated for your study. At the conclusion of your study, Multimer delivers the insights you need to answer the questions you have.

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