Multimer, a National Science Foundation SBIR award-winning company, grew from Arlene Ducao’s graduate work at MIT, was incubated as part of the MIT E14 Fund, and was accelerated as part of and the SOSV- and BMW-sponsored Urban-X program. Its primary investigators are Arlene Ducao and Ilias Koen, co-founders of DuKode / DuKorp and fellows at the MIT E-Lab.

Multimer’s team also includes Tania van Bergen (UX and Data Collection Management), Yapah Berry (Hardware), Scott Sheu (Business) and Tommy Mitchell (UX Assistance). The team has a mission-driven background and its members have worked for organizations including MIT, Deutsche Bank, MOMA, AMNH, NYU, Amplify, and Best Buy.

Multimer’s advisors include experts from NYU’s Center for Neural Science, MIT Media Lab, and Facebook.

Multimer values diversity within the company as well as privacy and anonymity  of our study participants. Its Data Privacy and Ethics Policy discusses Multimer’s policies and security for participants and partners.

Arlene Ducao

Ilias Koen

Tania van Bergen

Tommy Mitchell
UX Assistance

Yapah Berry

Scott Sheu